Furniture Sharehouse

Larchmont Temple 4-Year Old Class Donates $100 Tzedakah Collection to Furniture Sharehouse

You are never too young to learn the value of helping others, as Miss Becker and Miss Raved's class of 4-5 year-olds at Larchmont Temple Nursery School showed this spring.  With their teachers' guidance, the children collected $100.28 doing chores at home and after talking about various needs in the community, they chose to donate their money to help people who don't have any furniture.  On June 2nd, Kate Bialo and Matthew Bialo (LTNS Class of ‘98), visited Miss Becker and Miss Raved’s class and took along a doll house and a booklet of colorful thank-you letters written by children of past client families. They led a discussion with the children about how it would feel not to have a bed to sleep in, or a table to eat at with their family or a place to store their clothes and toys, and then shared the thank-you letters with them so they could see how happy getting furniture made those children feel.

The children then took turns adding furniture to all the rooms in the doll house, transforming it from an empty house to a cozy home with all the rooms filled with furniture, and then a Happy Doll Family moved right in and got tucked into their new beds!

A huge thank-you to this energetic and empathetic group of children, and thank you too to their teachers, Miss Barri Becker and Miss Suzanne Raved, and to Larchmont Temple Nursery School Director Lisa Gershon for this terrific project and generous donation.