Furniture Sharehouse

Carvel Foundation's Peter Smith Comes to Visit Warehouse

Kate  Peter Smith


Last week, Peter Smith, President of The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, came to our warehouse for a visit. The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation has supported Furniture Sharehouse with generous grants for the past two years and is an enthusiastic believer in our mission to help families in need "make a house a home."

The warehouse was bustling on the day of Peter's visit. We had 6 clients "shopping" for furniture.  Peter got a front-row view of our mission at work.

We are very grateful to the Thomas and Agnes Carvel for all their past support. Thank you, Peter, for coming to the Warehouse and giving us the opportunity to show you what we do.

Pictured above, Kate shows Furniture Sharehouse's client thank you letters to Peter Smith of the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation.